Quality Matters in Medical Equipment Repairs

People will often spend quite a bit of time searching for a quality family doctor that meets their needs. Few people just look up  the word “doctor” in the phone book and then go to the nearest one available. However, in the field of medical equipment repair, many hospitals are using this “flip a coin” approach to selecting who will service their clinical equipment.

Finding a company that provides quality hospital equipment repair services is not impossible, but some forethought should be put into the selection process. As someone who has worked both as an in-house Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) and as repair technician for a medical device repair vendor, I have learned a great deal about the need for quality when it comes to servicing these devices. When it comes to outsourcing a repair that may be beyond the capabilities of the in-house Biomedical Engineering department, it is important that the repair facility uphold the same or higher quality standards than the Hospital sending in the faulty equipment. For this reason, I only recommend using repair facilities that are ISO certified.

The ISO 9000 series of standards is a family of standards for Quality Management Systems. Many hospitals are seeking ISO certification and it makes sense for companies that work closely with hospitals to do the same. A medical equipment repair company willing to go through the process of ISO certification shows a commitment to quality service and performance improvement. If your organization is searching for quality medical repair services, then ISO certification should be a determining factor in the search.